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Women in STEM (WoSTEM)

While our programs aim to promote STEM education among all students in Africa and beyond, we are also making extraordinary efforts to promote STEM education among girls. Traditionally, STEM education has been dominated by boy-child. However, as STEM Center Africa, we are also joining other organizations and individuals working to bring gender equality in the STEM fields.

Our girls enjoy engaging in the following STEM programs:

Our aim is to organize STEM activities and mentorship programs specifically for girls. These programs occur every weekend. The participating girls either work on a STEM project in groups or with mentors. 

Gallery: WoSTEM in action

Join The Space Program 

In collaboration with Starlight Education Group, STEM Center Africa is introducing a female-only STEM competition in which talented girls aged 12 - 18 can design experiments from which the best will be sent to ISS. The mission is to motivate and inspire young girls to realise their potential in the STEM field.

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International Competition: ISSET All Girls Mission Discovery Program.

Zero Gravity Project: Using Arduino UNO to Design a Dust-Repellent Surface.

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