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About us

STEM Center Africa, founded in 2017, is a nonprofit based at Edenview Academy in Oyugis, Kenya. We offer mathematics, science, technology, and engineering programs that aim to inspire the next generation of mathematicians, scientists, and engineers and excite learners of all ages about the power and beauty of STEM education. We promote creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that we believe will help spur the economic growth of not only African countries but the world at large. We engage our students in innovative, hands-on technology and engineering activities such as 3D design and printing, coding/programming, robotics, computational thinking, and creativity in mathematics. 


STEM education has been tipped as very crucial in meeting the every growing demands for jobs. By STEM encouraging creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills which are very relevant in this 21-st century, many countries and non-governmental agencies are highly recommending and providing resources for its adoption. As Kenya and Africa at large, we must keep in pace (compete) with these other countries for our economic growth and development. To compete with global education leaders and produce STEM workers, we strive to promote global competence for all learners in STEM fields, improve the ways STEM education is approached and funded properly.

Where we work

STEMCenter-Africa is based in Edenview Academy, Oyugis, Kenya. Edenview Academy is one of our schools which we are developing in order to be a model school, not only in offering STEM mentorship and opportunities to students around but will also act as a model to schools in Kenya! We want to lead by actions. 

Our Mission

'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world' ~Nelson Mandela 

Programs Offered:



Critical thinking,

problem-solving skills, among others.

We can't wait to see these kids explore and venture into STEM fields. The future is bright!!!

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