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Activities & Projects

Basic Computer Lessons (ongoing)

This is the first step for all the students we are mentoring (except for those with computer background).

We recognize that most students in many parts of Kenya and Africa do not have access to computer resources (ICT), hence they have limited knowledge of the same.

For that reason, our organization aims to provide basic and advanced computer training as we target to venture into STEM. Computer knowledge (how to use a computer), for us, is very key to implementing STEM education as it helps mediate most STEM activities.

Online resources for improving general computer familiarity (typing, clicking, etc.)

Best Typing Games For Students

  • This one has a whole list of typing websites/games, with reviews and descriptions of which ones are better for different uses (introduction, practice, fun, etc.).

Games For Toddlers

  • This one is designed for toddlers so is very simple, but could be good for a very basic introduction and some practicing using the mouse and clicking.

Kids Puzzle Games

Several kids’ level puzzle games. Has a couple of different languages, too.

Students taking computer classes

Click here to explore more computer games and puzzles

Tinkering (Designing 3-D objects)

This project aims to promote learning by doing, because it is true that doing is knowing!

For this project, students will have the opportunity to design an object of their choice. With this, we are certain it will elicit a sense of innovation, creativity, abstraction, and actions that will help students to be able to solve different problems.

The designs or objects that students design will be available on our gallery.

Tinkercard Activities

Getting started with Tinkercard:

  1. Create your account here: Tinkercard

  2. Then explore/play around with designing

  3. New to tinkercard? Explore: Tinkercard tutorial

Activity 1

  1. Create a 3-D version of any object of your interest. This can be your cup, house, table, etc.

  • Once you design the object, can you encrypt to it a name?

  • Share the object or link of your design here: Gallery , with a brief description of what it is or what it can achieve.

Designing a house using tinkercard


Students beginning to 3-D design

Scratch Programming

In this project, students will engage in different scratch programming activities/projects.


  1. Create your account here: Scratch programming

  1. Guided demonstration on how to create first project using Scratch

  2. Continue exploring and asking questions

Sample Activities...

  • Design any program of your choice

  • Explain how the program works e.g. codes you used and the intended purpose

  • Share the design or link to your design/program here: Gallery

Mathematical Activities

These activities aim to empower student's reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

Employ different resources:

See more under virtual resources page

Creativity in Mathematics and Sciences Project (CMS)

This project will be conducted by Dr. Ashwin Vaidya, Munakata, and their 5 students. The project aims to promote creativity in mathematics and science thinking among students.

Here, students explore different airplanes designs, use paper to design them, then fly them and compare the distance each design can go and how the shape (nature of design) can affect the distance.

Here, students are doing scratch programming

Virtual Robotics

Virtual Robot Simulator is a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows FTC teams to program and test their robots without requiring access to physical hardware and mechanisms.

Robots and Robotics Programming

Here, students explore robotics programming and how it can be used to solve real world problems.

EDsnaps STEAM Programs

EDsnaps' programs aims to inspire students to pursue STEM educational & career opportunities through hands-on workshops, internships and mentoring. Read more about EDsnaps here.


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