STEM Center Africa

Promoting STEM Education in Africa and Beyond

While our programs aim to promote STEM education among all students in Africa and beyond, we are also taking extra-ordinary efforts to promote STEM education among girls. Traditionally, STEM education has been dominated by boy-child. However, as STEM Center Africa, we are also joining other organizations and individuals working to bring gender equality in the STEM fields.

Our girls enjoy engaging in the following STEM programs:

  • Coding

  • Programming (e.g. scratch)

  • Computational thinking

  • Makerspaces [3-D designing and printing]

  • Machine learning

  • Robotics & robotics programming

  • And other activities that promote Creativity, Innovation, Critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, among others.

Our aim is to organize STEM activities and mentorship programs specifically for girls. These programs occur every weekend. The participating girls either work on a STEM project in groups or with mentors.

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Gallery: STEMy-Girls in action